Our Values

Mackenzie Refurbishment – Builders with a conscience

  • Customers

We believe that everyone is entitled to decent housing and a safely built environment.

The quality of the buildings and spaces where we live and work has a major effect on our wellbeing as individuals and communities.

We work to improve our customers standard of living and wellbeing through cost effective and well thought out improvements to the built environment. .

  • Staff

Employee safety is our number one concern – as such we ensure that our staff have the safest environment possible in which to work.

All our staff are paid at least the National Living Wage. We recognise that wellbeing extends far beyond simple health and safety and have a zero tolerance to bullying or discrimination of any kind.

We have a culture where there are opportunities for all to learn and progress, and where success is shared amongst the team.

  • The Island

We recognise that our Island is a unique place to live and work, and has a rich diversity of residents. We appreciate that not all our residents are financially equal, and we endeavor to offer the lowest prices we can, with access to government grants wherever possible.

We use local labour and trades to retain value in our community. Our goal is to give people from disadvantaged backgrounds opportunities to achieve the skills to progress further in life.

We understand Social Value, and ensure that we abide by this principle when making purchasing decisions, recognising that procurement needs to value local jobs, our community and the environment.

  • Environment

We are all in this together, and there is no Planet B.

As a company we will always seek to minimise our environmental impact through choice of methods and materials. We will also work with our customers wherever possible to minimise the environmental impact of their property, through energy efficiency measures and the use of safe, sustainable materials.